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Tutorial slopes for risen3D


I presume you already have some mapping experience. This simple tutorial will help you make R3D slopes. There are two types of slopes sectors in R3D, trapezium ($B) and triangles ($A).


The trapezium slope ( $B ) always has four lines ( two lines must be parallel ) and four vertices. The triangle slope ($A ) always has three lines and three vertices. Also the heights can be automatically determined.


With the trapezium slope you can lift or lower two vertices, or in other words a parallel line. With the triangle slope you can lift or lower one vertex. Also heights can be automatically determined, but only if it abutts a trapezium parameter.


Let's make some trapezium slopes :

We just start with a simple map, with one corridor and a window.

In doombuilder it looks like this :

We are making slopes in a corridor, but first place a Thing in the map outside the working area with the number of 15503, so R3D knows slopes are used in the map.

Select the two lines highlighted in red like this :

Fill in $B000032 for the push down and lift up lines, on the front side of the line.

The map looks like this, and you see, there are missing textures on the sideview of the slopes ( HOM )

Select the four side lines of the slope like this :

Now fill in the missing textures, The midtextures are for the slopes, the other is already in use.

Here we have our corridor slopes, with line lifting.

Now we make an autohigh slope from floor to the sector of the window.


Make a sector like this and change the floor flat.

Select the sector line like this :

Fill in the parameters ( $B000000 ) like this :

Select the side lines and fill in the texture for the side view of the slope ( Midtexture ).

And we have our slope.

Another example done the same way, make a sector of a pillar 32 high, make a other sector around it 16 high, make the slope sector and connect the corners.

Fill in the parameters ( $B000000 ) like this :

And you have your slopes.

To make a cone, you can't use trapeziums. You must use triangles.

Make sectors like this and change the floor flat to what you wish the cone to show.

Select the lines like this :

Fill in the parameters like this, to lift the third vertex 64 units of all lines attached to it.

Important : Make sure that this is done on the Back Side of the lines only.

The map looks like this

There is a lot more possible with slopes, especially when trapeziums and triangles are combined.

I hope this tutorial will help with making slopes in Risen3D.