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Here you can find low poly 3D models, skyboxes, maps and sounds.


The 3D models have a licence under GNU and CC_attribution/by.

Tutorial 3D lines for risen3D


I frequently use 3D lines in Risen3D, most of the time they are invisible.

I use them in combination with many of my models.

You can use them to walk over or under, blocking for specified heights, blocking bullets, making bridges etc.

The map looks like this in R3D. The 3D lines are invisible to the player at present, since they are not yet textured.

It looks like this in Doombuilder :

First put a 3D enabled thing (number 15501 ) in the map outside the working area. Like this:

Select every sector like the example.

In the front side you fill in $A0004.


A - Standard 3D line.

B - Is used on the front side of the line to block ground

monster movement.

C - Defines the line as a boundary for floor/ceiling flats;


We are using A for a standard 3D line/floor.


00008 is the distance from the floor.

The front side lower texture is the texture for the side of the floor.


In the Back side you fill in $008A000


008 is the thickness of the line, so our line is going 8 units



The letter is for scaling the mid texture with the

following possibilities.


A - Map : bottom text to depth of xxx - map : mid text to depth of yyy.

B - Scale : bottom text to depth of xxx - map : mid text to depth of yyy.

C - Map : bottom text to depth of xxx - scale : mid text to depth of yyy.

D - Scale : bottom text to depth of xxx - scale : mid text to depth of yyy.

E - Ladder line (See creating ladders further on).


For the moment we use A000 because we don't use mid textures.

The map now looks like this, since all the steps are at the same height above the floor.

Select every line of each sector used for a step and fill in the height of the sector lines.


For each step leading up to the pillar we use the following values:


$A00100 : step 7

$A00084   : step 6

$A00068 : step 5

$A00052 : step 4

$A00036 : step 3

$A00020 : step 2

$A00004 : step 1


Remember the step is made up of 3D lines and not floors, since you can see through the steps.

The map now looks like this. We have now a staircase that we can walk on

Select every line of the bridge and fill in the front and backside with :


Frontside : $A00100

Backside:   $016A000


The 3D line is 100 units from the floor and the line is 16 units thick.

The map must now look like this, and we have a bridge.

With a few more 3D lines you can complete the map like this. You can walk up the staircase, cross the bridge, jump over the 3D line to press the switch.